Recently I have been getting back into cycling and trying to improve my average speed. Its early days but I have been hitting the turbo and club rides. I am no stranger to suffering on the bike but it’s always been my weakest of the three disciplines.  When out riding with the cycling club I try not to get too despondent as I am often bringing up the rear.

The hardest thing is trying not to compare myself with others. I am not a natural cyclist but the majority of people I ride with are ‘cyclists’. That is the main sport they do and therefore they are pretty good at it. Most riders are supportive and understand that I don’t ‘just’ cycle but also do swim and running training and strength & conditioning when time allows.

 I just want to put it out there that it is so important to encourage everyone who takes part in sport no matter how fast or slow they are. They are out there doing it and trying. Encouragement is key – not making jokes like ‘hop on the back’ often said by cyclists who are much faster! Also the other day whilst I was cycling uphill I was asked if ‘I’d forgotten how to cycle’. Now this person didn’t really know me or my background – did you know I did a quin and a double ironman in Snowdonia!! 😉

I was pretty taken aback by the comment but didn’t say anything as I am not one for confrontation and the guy thought he was being funny! I made it up the hill in my own time and could probably outride this guy in terms of distance but hey it’s not a competition!

So remember if you are out cycling and see someone struggling at the back, encourage and support them don’t make sarcastic comments that might affect them mentally and put them off cycling again, even if you do think you are being funny. We don’t know other people’s backgrounds or what’s been going on in their lives.

Be kind to each other…