A lot of time has passed since my last post and a lot has changed!

To begin with I moved house in the summer. Who knew that moving was one of the most stressful things to go through! We are now starting to feel settled in our new home. Also during that time my Dad had a health scare – thankfully all is good now but at the time it was overwhelming and a shock of our own mortality and how fragile it can be. For these reasons I postponed the Dorset Deca for this year I was just too exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally to even consider the challenge.

My plan was to postpone the Deca to 2022 but after looking at my training plan and the huge undertaking it was and thinking of my son who will be taking his GCSE’s next summer I knew that I couldn’t give it my all. You need to be 110% involved in training to even contemplate the deca and I knew mentally I wouldn’t be able to be true to myself whilst supporting my son through such an important year. Family always comes first.

This brings me to 2023. You could say my Deca journey started back in 2019 when I completed the Double Brutal ironman, which was really when the seed was sewn. Then the Quin in 2020 showed me that I could compete in these crazy endurance events.

2022 will still be full of training for the Deca and I am planning a mini adventure which includes swimming from Swanage to the Isle of Wight, then cycling round the island twice (obviously!) and after that just a little jog home.

I will try and keep you all updated of my continuing Deca journey

Keep training…