I have been a keen runner for the past 10 years and love helping people improve their gait to enable a better and more improved running technique.

The benefits of gait analysis:

  • to see if you heel strike and how to become a more midfoot runner
  • do you overpronate, is this causing you injuries?
  • Are your glutes weak
  • Have you got nerve pain but arn’t sure why
  • do you have back pain whilst running
  • do you want to run more efficiently and maybe get a new pb
  • carried out in a ‘real life’ environment which is how you normally run

Getting your gait analysed can help see what weaknesses you have and how to strengthen them. All you need to do is send me a video of you running from the front, back and side and I will give you feedback and the relevant exercises to help get you stronger and more efficient…

Currently priced at £35 for remote video anaylsis

Face to face price is £50

Send your videos to