Triathlete v’s Cyclist

Recently I have been getting back into cycling and trying to improve my average speed. Its early days but I have been hitting the turbo [...]

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My Deca Journey

A lot of time has passed since my last post and a lot has changed! To begin with I moved house in the summer. Who [...]

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At a crossroads

As we hopefully near the end of our 3rd lockdown I have had a lot of time to think about how to move forward. I [...]

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My Quintastic Adventure

I can’t believe its been a week since I finished this crazy adventure. For those who don’t know what a quin is, it consists of [...]

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Quin Update and Back to Work

Training is still going strong and it is all beginning to feel a bit more real now. I have recently completed a week of swims [...]

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Running Challenge

Running has been an even more important constant in my life the past couple of months even if I am only going for a run [...]

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Lockdown Training

I have been a bit quiet on here lately - apologies. Due to Covid-19 a lot of things have changed. I am currently unable to [...]

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So lately I've been asked the same question "why am I doing the Quin?" In answer to this "because I can" a bit like when [...]

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What’s next?!?!

You could say I am still recovering from the double but I am already itching to get back to real training and planning for my [...]

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So if you’ve been hiding under a rock the past week you might not know what I am talking about. But last weekend on the [...]

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