Midnight Mountain Marathon

On Saturday 29th June I ran the brutal events midnight mountain marathon which was an unusual race as its start time was 5.30pm. My friend and I went up the night before so we could chill out during the day before the start.

It was an exciting start – I felt ok but it was still really hot and then I started to feel not so good, struggling to move one foot in front of the other, this was not like me at all and Claire was getting a little worried. We were a tad confused as I have run with Claire a lot and we knew something wasn’t right. Like a lightbulb moment we figured it out – I was already dehydrated!! It had been so hot during the day that I just hadn’t drunk enough before the race had even started.

I hit the WALL at MILE TWO!!! Yep not MILE 20 but MILE TWO!!!!! OMG!!

I thought my race was over but by mile 4 after drinking my electrolyte constantly I felt a lot better and we carried on. The views were amazing, the hills were tough but it was so lovely running at that time of the day/night and we even got a sunset.

A lesson learned the hard way and now I have a new bottle that I am trying to refill as much as possible during the day!

A massive thank you to Claire Pinder as I wouldn’t have gotten through the marathon without her xxxx

Audax blog to follow…