Its been over a week since I took part in the 300k audax. It had its ups and downs. For the most part I felt pretty good, but I made the mistake of eating 2 big meals when we stopped and as a friend put it ‘I went into a food coma’! Felt very sick and sluggish. But I was just soooo hungry!!

We had some issues with navigation but that’s why I persuaded the husband to come with me!

The highlight was definitely the Bath tunnels, they were awesome and also it was lovely and cool a break from the heat.

As for the police fiasco…….

We had decided to stop – well I said ‘that’s it I need to sleep’ at around midnight. We were 16 miles from the finish, but I just felt awful. I needed a quick power nap and then I could have carried on. But where we stopped probably wasn’t the best place as it was the side of a fairly busy road. I was just dozing off when I saw the flash of lights from a police car and my heart sank. I knew that it was probably going to be game over as I did look a state. I think at first, they thought we were drunk! They couldn’t understand the concept of the audax and why there wasn’t a sweeper and why were we out so late. They talked about calling me an ambulance!! I said I was just tired and needed a quick power nap, but you could tell they weren’t going to let me get back on the bike and by that point I wasn’t really that bothered. I had pretty much done 300k as this audax was longer by 8 miles and we had already done 178 miles. In the end the police gave my husband a lift back to the van and then came back to check on me again and we went home to sleep!

Lots of lessons learned, one being don’t eat big meals whilst cycling and remember to turn your bike lights off and stash bikes if you want a quick power nap!!!

Now it’s less than 7 weeks to go until the DOUBLE BRUTAL!!!!!!!