So lately I’ve been asked the same question “why am I doing the Quin?” In answer to this “because I can” a bit like when Mallory and Irvine were asked about why they wanted to climb Everest “Because it’s there”! Most people who know me, know I like to challenge myself in these kind of endurance events. I like seeing what my body can or can’t do.

The other comment I get a lot is “What?! Its not an organised event, what about getting a medal??”

I am doing this for ME, I don’t feel the need to enter an event. The need to challenge myself physically and mentally is strong, whichever way I complete the quin will make it no less of a challenge.

It also means all my swim, cycling and running buddies can get involved!! When I did the double in North Wales I noticed how many other competitors had lots of support crew. I have two which definitely affected my race over that weekend as they needed to sleep too!

Organising my own race means people don’t have to travel to come and support me. The hope is I’ll also inspire a few people along the way.

You don’t have to understand why I am doing it but please come along and show your support, be it by doing a few laps with me or donating to my chosen charity ‘The Miscarriage Association’ a link via just giving will be available soon.

In the meantime take a look at