You could say I am still recovering from the double but I am already itching to get back to real training and planning for my next adventure. I am struggling to get back on the bike at present due to a slight knee injury but am hoping in another few weeks I will be able to start my winter training.

My plan is to do a continuous Quin!

I have looked into organised events but due to logistics of getting enough support crew and cost I have decided to organise my own event here in Dorset. This is so I can save on cost and get as many of my fellow athletes and friends to come and swim, cycle or run a lap or two with me!

A quin is 5 x ironman’s over 144 hours.

I will swim 12 miles, cycle 560 miles and run 131 miles.

The starting date for this crazy adventure will be on the 1st September 2020 and I am hoping to cross the finish line by Sunday 6th September

More details of routes etc to follow when I have recced a few!

Hoping to get as many of you as possible to come and help support me on my continuous Quin journey.