Trying to juggle so many things is a normal way of life for me! I thought after my latest race at the weekend I would welcome the rest and get lots done but I seem to have been struck down with the post-race blues.

I have been busy with work which is great but not doing any training is affecting my mood. So today I need to shift and just go for a little bimble on my bike.

It’s very important after a race to recover properly as this is the crucial time where your body needs to heal after however many miles you may have ran, cycled, swam etc… They say for every mile you run in a race you should take a day as a rest day – so in my case that will be 27 days rest! This may seem quite drastic and I think as long as you listen to your body and don’t get carried away by the adrenaline from the race you can ease yourself back in after a good few days off but I would stress that if you have any niggles or you are still feeling really fatigued – do not ignore them – listen to your body and maybe take a few more days or try something different like a long walk or a gentle swim.