I had my first triathlon of the season on the weekend. The Forestman long distance tri which consists of 2.4 mile swim and a long run to transition! 112 mile bike and a 26 mile run.

I loved the swim and came out of the water at 1.14 which I was happy with. Then came the bike (always my weakest) and I quickly realised I was at the back. Now at first this bothered me, but I realised I had to put it aside – I was racing – I was enjoying myself (mostly!) and I wasn’t really last if you think of all who were not racing. Mentally this has been a real struggle of mine as I am often near the back when racing. But why should this matter?? I am still out there doing it. I was well within the cut off – so I came to terms with it and just enjoyed the rest of the race.

Then came the run, I felt good from the off and was keeping a good steady pace. On the last lap I overtook a guy and thought to myself ‘oh I am not last anymore’ and I realised I had accepted I was going to be last so overtaking him didn’t really register. I went on to overtake 2 more triathletes and I managed a sprint finish!!

My point is – it really doesn’t matter if you are last – someone has to be but when comparing yourself to others remind yourself that you are getting out there and doing it. You are inspiring others that ‘Anything is possible’